How to set up autoarchiving in Outlook

The Outlook profile (mail storage, file with the extension *.pst or *.ost) is limited in size. This limit is 50 GB for modern versions of Outlook and 20 GB for outdated versions (Outlook 2007). When the limit is reached, Outlook stops receiving mail and warns about the need to immediately clean the profile. But even till the profile size limit is reached, a large number of messages may be collected in it for a long period of time, which negatively affects the performance of Outlook and makes it difficult to work with e-mail.

To avoid the above issues and not to delete or archive mail manually, it makes sense to configure auto-archiving. In this case, Outlook will periodically clean up the storage from old emails.

To configure auto-archiving in Outlook, select the "File" menu.

In the opened menu, select " Options".

In the opened window, select " Additional" in the menu on the left side of the window.

In the "Archiving" section on the right side of the window click "Auto Archiving settings".

In the opened window, select the "Auto Archive each" checkbox to enable auto-archiving. Select the frequency at which the Auto Archive task starts. If necessary, select the "Request before archiving" checkbox.


Check the settings of the auto-archiving behavior: delete or move the old items to the archive, the period after which the delete or move will be performed. In addition, you can select the "Show archive folder in the folder list" option and set the desired path and name for the archive file.

After completing the settings, click OK.


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