Configuring and using vcd-cli (CLI interface)

Manage your cloud infrastructure from the command line interface using vcd-cli

For easy vcd-cli deployment, you can use the ready-made vcd-cli template. Instructions on how to deploy virtual machines from templates can be found in our Knowledge Base -


 After creating a virtual machine, you can start using vcd-cli right away, but it is recommended to update vcd-cli to the current version with the command:

sudo pip3 install vcd-cli --upgrade

Once the version has been updated, you need to connect to the organization, this is done with the command:

vcd login url org_name user

URL to connect

For example, I will connect to a test organization:

vcd login demo-pesin administrator

You can manage your organization's cloud infrastructure from the command line.

For example, let's run a new virtual machine:

vcd vapp create -d "test_created_with_vcd-cli" -c Public -t centos7 -m 2048 -u 2 -k 32000 -v TMCwVCD-CLI -a -o tmc -n demo-pesin_LAN tmc

Here we go! The new VM is created. Further decryption of the used arguments:

 -d, --description text - vApp description

  -c, --catalog name - template directory

  -t, --template name -name of the template

  -n, -network name - organization network name

  -i, --ip-allocation-mode mode - IP selection method

  -m, --memory <MB> - RAM size (in Mb)

  -u, --cpu <virtual-cpus> - number of processors

  -k, --disk-size <MB> - disk size (in Mb)

  -v, --vm-name name is the name of the virtual machine.

  -o, --hostname hostname is the network name of the machine.

  -a, --accept-all-eulas -- accept all user agreements.

To learn more about other commands and features of vcd-cli, please read

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