Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird


If it is impossible for some reason to use Microsoft Outlook as a Microsoft Exchange client, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird as a mail client, including in combination with Linux.

Please note: Mozilla Thunderbird is not a full-featured replacement for Microsoft Outlook. You will be able to use it to read incoming mail and send messages, but additional features such as shared calendars and an address book will not be available. This is due to the fact that the client will be connected not via MAPI, which is the main protocol for working with Microsoft Exchange, but via open protocols. Implementation of the protocol MAPI in Mozilla Thunderbird is incomplete and has a number of unresolved problems. Details

To connect to a Microsoft Exchange account, launch Mozilla Thunderbird. If this is your first launch and you don't have any accounts configured, the setup wizard will open automatically. If not, you can start the wizard at any time by clicking on the "Configure Account: Email" link on the main screen or on the "Create" menu - "Get a new mail account" on the main menu of Mozilla Thunderbird.



In the opened window of the Email Account Setup Wizard, enter your name ( it will appear in emails sent by you), email address and password. It's better to tick the "Remember password" checkbox, otherwise, you'll have to enter your password every time you access the server. After filling in all fields, click "Continue".

The setup wizard will configure the connection to the server automatically, but it will not be possible to do this. This is normal program behavior. Click on the button "Manual configuration". Ignore the suggestions to install add-ons.

Set the settings as shown below. Be sure to fill in the fields with your username to receive and send e-mail (the name matches your e-mail address). In case of errors, a message will be displayed with a description of the error. If there are no errors, click "Done".


The account will appear in the list of accounts in the main Mozilla Thunderbird window. It is recommended to restart Mozilla Thunderbird before you start using your account, otherwise, you may get errors opening the Sent folders, Drafts, etc.


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