Outlook Settings

Working with your mailbox via Outlook

To configure Microsoft Outlook to work with your mailbox, you need to:

1. Start Microsoft Outlook and choose menu File



2. In the appeared window choose Add an account

3. In the next window

    3.1 Choose Email account;

    3.2 In the field Your name – enter your Name and Surname;

    3.3 In the field Email Address – enter your mailbox address;

    3.4 In the field Password– enter the password, in the field Re-enter the password – enter the password one more time;

    3.5 Press Next

4. Depending on the settings of your computer, a window may appear asking if you want to check.

   4.1 Tick Don't ask in the future;

   4.2 Press Allow; 


5. Depending on your computer settings, a window may appear with a username and password.

    5.1 In the upper field - enter the address of your mailbox, which you should receive from the person in charge;;

    5.2 In the bottom field - enter your password;

    5.3 If you do not want the password request to appear again, check the Remember credentials box;

    5.4 Press ОК


6. After passing the verification of the correctness of the settings, a window will appear with a message about creating an account. Click the Finish button. The Microsoft Outlook account has been created.


 Restarting Microsoft Outlook may be required depending on your computer settings..

If you encounter errors during the stage of checking the correctness of the entered data, contact your system administrator or technical support.

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